I’ve had a few grape vines for years but I never did much with them, never sprayed or fertilized or anything much aside from pruning them back now and again before they went completely feral on me.  The number of actual ripe grapes they have yielded to me could be carried in two cupped hands.  With the drought this summer I had no notion that this year would prove any different.  I wasn’t expecting this:I picked and poked around under the leaves for more for a good while, eating as I went.  The more I looked the more I uncovered and soon I had a milk crate better than half full.  I had no idea what to do with them all, I knew we would never eat enough of them to stay ahead of the fruit flies.  Mrs J expressed amazement when she got back from town and mentioned jelly.

I gave this recipe a go, running the grapes through my Breville juicer.  After straining the juice through cheesecloth to remove what solids I could I set the juice to boiling with a no or low sugar pectin product since  I went with half cane sugar and half Splenda.  I roughly doubled this recipe, ending with 6 pints of jelly.  The green table grapes won’t make as pretty a jelly as purple grapes, nor will it be as flavorful, but it is perfectly serviceable.

5 thoughts on “Grapes!

  1. Nice! Funny, my dad made me take a bucket full of grapes home last month – beautiful concords. They were delicious but I had no idea what to do with them. Not enough to make anything of significance. I ran them through the vitamix and then through cheesecloth…and still didn’t know what to do, so I froze them in ice cube trays and put them in my water. Not elegant, but it works for me. Next year I’m asking for more from my dad and then maybe jelly.


    • My dad and a pal of his were big on making wine. Every year a train car load of grapes was delivered to a small town near here that had a large Italian population. They would go over and come back with bushels of various grapes. They used a smallish wine press to get the juice. I’m pretty sure some sort of press is what you need to make jelly because the cheesecloth thing just doesn’t work very well.


      • Yeah, those seed pieces are like raspberry seeds, no getting rid of them. My uncle on the non-Italian side of my family makes all kinds of wine – one time he made onion wine. I was not brave enough to try it.


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