Fusion Fajitas

I was sorting through the freezer looking for tortillas when I ran across a package of onion nan bread.  Mrs J is a big fan of fajitas and we were going to use the leftovers from the steak and peppers dinner yesterday to make them.  I decided to go with the nan bread because it had been in the freezer longer and I thought it would make an interesting dish.  It turned the fajita into something like a gyro.  Mrs J even put some sour cream on hers which made the comparison even more apt.It was quick work reheating the leftovers with fajita seasoning and a splash of water to get it all working.  I made the seasoning, from a recipe I pulled off the web, with corn starch and a powdered chicken stock base.  The rest of the mix was the usual:  Cumin, black pepper, ground dried oregano, onion and garlic powders, various chili powders, cayenne, paprika – you get the idea.  Ratios are more of a person preference than anything, make it as hot as you like.

Warm the nan bread (or tortillas) in the microwave for a minute, covered with plastic, or invert another plate atop them, that works fine.  The red peppers in this dish are cherry peppers from the garden.  Also in the mix are green and orange bells, and a sweet yellow pepper called “gypsy”, and some mildly hot peppers that are yellow and turn orange when ripe.  I planted those expecting to get cayennes but they were mislabeled and I have no idea what their names are.  Going to have lots of them, whatever they are!