Oven Braised Beef Brisket

I saw that the local grocery had beef briskets on sale so I stocked up with several, and some other cuts that seemed fairly cheap – more of the flat iron steaks, and some beef sirloin roasts.  I wanted to cook one of the briskets so I left it out while the rest of the meat went to the big freezer.  Since the Homesick Texan is in our blogroll, I used his recipe.  Mostly.  I cobbled together the rub from various sources.  It has onion powder, garlic powder, ground oregano, black pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper.  Might be something else in there but I’m drawing a blank.  I covered the meat liberally with the rub and set it in the fridge overnight, covered with foil.

The braising liquid is pretty much true to the recipe, as are the fresh chilies on top.  I was slap dash on the amounts but they added up to at least 2 cups of stuff.  I used one onion.  I poured the liquid around the meat and added the onion and the jalapenos then re-covered the pan with foil and let it cook in a 250 oven for over five hours.  It started smelling so good I took it out after that.I transferred the meat from the pan to a board and let is rest for a half hour or so while I de-fatted the sauce and reduced it in a sauce pan by about half.  I have the rest of the brisket in the fridge to chill before I slice it and marry it with the reduced sauce.  I’ll bet it will be better tomorrow.

Sliced the slab and poured the sauce over it, then reheated a portion.  Most Excellent!