Mmm… cheese crust pizza!

We like the thin crispy crust pizzas that we make but now and again we crave one of these balloon tire looking things with mozzarella rolled into the edge and coarse salt sprinkled on like it was a huge pretzel doughnut.  This iteration has Italian sausage, ham, three colors of fresh garden peppers, string style mozzarella in the crust, more shredded mozz on top and a final grating of Asiago.The crust is almost a meal in itself.  I often take a section and stuff it with the toppings that go astray.

There are always leftovers.  I make sure the slices are separated, let them cool a bit, then put the whole thing into the big freezer until they are solid, and then bag them, individually, in plastic zip bags.  To reheat them I most often thaw the slices in the microwave, then place them into the toaster oven to keep the crust from getting soggy.