More Smoker

We roasted a pork butt in the oven last week and have been nibbling away at it since then.  With some experience with the new smoker, minimal as it is, Mrs J wondered whether it would enhance the pork if it spent a little time in there.  Good question!  I placed about half of the pork we had left into a small foil pan and fired the smoker up with some apple wood chips we acquired this morning.  I turned the temp dial to the highest setting and left to fiddle around in the house.  When I returned to the garage, where we have decided to do all the smoking, the temps were way higher than I expected, the probe in the top vent was reading well over 250, and the remote probe I left on the rack beside the tray of pork was showing 289!  Smoke was rolling out of the vent when I backed the dial to 210.  I was fearful that the pork would be dried and tough and was happy that I hadn’t put all we had in there.  Not to worry!The pork was just starting to brown and the smoke had infused the meat with a delicious aroma.  Just in time for lunch!  I chopped the meat a little and served myself a very nice sandwich on a hoagie roll, dousing it with BBQ sauce I made over the weekend, and topping it with hot Chicago style giardiniera.  The rest of that pork is in the smoker right now.  I had best go out and check it!

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