Thursday Recipe Exchange: Smokin’

JeffreyW bought a new smoker recently so tonight’s recipes are all his. He wanted me to point out he’s in the experimental stage and open to all kinds of suggestions. He’s smoked ribs (featured below), smoked a chicken (recipes and photos here) and smoked pork (photos and description here and here). EDIT: To add recently posted Pastrami (photos and description here).

I know what I’m doing tonight, although I can’t imagine how it’s going to top the last two nights. Have any exciting plans tonight?  Got any good suggestions for JeffryW’s next smoking endeavor?

From JeffreyW:

I’ve been wanting to get a smoker for a long time and finally pulled the trigger on this one.  I looked around for a while and decided on this model after surfing Amazon reviews.  Almost uniformly excellent reviews, most of them five star.  I can add my first impressions to that list:  It’s a keeper, well built from good materials and seems well thought out.  We fired it up, empty, with some of the included hickory chips to season it as per the directions.  It got hot and we saw smoke rising from the top vent, it seemed good to go.

This morning I placed some cherry wood into the smoke box and turned it on, then loaded two slabs of spare ribs when it reached temperature.  The slabs were a tad too long to fit easily so I cut them in two.  Four hours later they were done.

Pretty good eats!  The smoker did need some cleaning up.

The racks and their hangers all come out for easy cleaning, as did the smoke box.  I was able to scrape the black splatter from the top fairly easily, and a scrub with a green nylon pad put a shine back on it.  The same scrub pad worked well on the interior, and I used a garden hose to flush everything afterwards.  It’ll never be shiny new again but I think I can keep it presentable with minor effort.  Mrs J is thawing a chicken for tomorrow.