I noticed one commenter in the the Balloon Juice recipe exchange cross-post Friday night wanted a recipe for the slaw that was a side for the smoked ribs.  I think this is a case where technique trumps the ingredient list.  Don’t get me wrong, you need fresh produce to turn out a good slaw but I think the look and feel of this slaw is more important than any particular ratio of the parts.The most important thing in this recipe is the mandoline on the lower right of the picture there.  This one is a Kyocera, an all plastic model with a ceramic blade.  I like it because it is light and easy to use and goes right back into a drawer with just a quick rinse after use.  It made quick work of a wedge of that cabbage.  At this point I sprinkle some kosher salt on the sliced cabbage, and pour sweetened rice vinegar over it.  Maybe a teaspoon of salt and a quarter cup of the dressing.  Sometimes I add a teaspoon of toasted sesame seed oil.  This is a good time to sprinkle on some celery seed and fresh ground black pepper.  The salt will help wilt the cabbage and draw out a lot of water.  While that sits go ahead and slice a variety of garden peppers and half an onion or so: I roughly chop the slices to more or less match the cabbage and then mix everything together.  Sample a bit and add salt and pepper to taste.  I would like to make mention of this cabbage – we shopped a fresh produce store that I’ve been eying for a while but hadn’t been into before today.  I walked past a bin full of regular cabbages while making my initial run-through checking the veggies and fruits they had on offer and saw this cabbage under a sign that read “sweet cabbages”.  I’ve never seen one before, it is very pale, and had a flattened shape, definitely larger across than high.  Mrs J sampled some of it as I sliced it today and said it was very good tasting, sweet indeed, and crispy.  I will say that we were impressed at the variety and quality of stuff they presented.

I forgot the carrot!  Ack!  No problem, I peeled it and grated about half of it into the slaw.  Too lazy to go back for another photo.  LOL