Daily Archives: September 9, 2012

Mmm… quesadillas

These are simple to make, I did these on my cast iron stovetop griddle because it’s large enough to do two of these at a time.Fire up the burners and let the griddle come to heat with a tortilla on there, load it with cheeses of choice.  I had shredded cheddar that worked great.  I cooked some boneless chicken thighs in fajita seasoning in a separate skillet and added those and fresh peppers to the cheese.  Adjust the flame so the tortilla doesn’t burn up, fold it over while the cheese melts.I set them atop a cutting board and cut them into wedges for easier handling, plate them with salsa and sour cream as garnish, add a few more peppers for color and enjoy!



Mrs J has been talking up her  fried pies for a week.  I finally see some proof today.  Mmmm…  these are blackberry and they are delicious!  The milk/powdered sugar glaze is the perfect finishing touch.We are still basking in a surplus of leftovers so we haven’t done much else as far as cooking goes.  This sammich finished off the last of the store bought corned beef.  It’s on pumpernickle rye with provolone and brown mustard.Here’s a poor kitty from our visit to the shelter the other day.This shelter staffer babies her charges.  There have been no complaints.We had sliders again the other night.  Mrs J wanted more of the frozen hash browns that I prepare by deep frying, as I did a while back.  This looks like your basic hash brown patty but the potato bits are loose, and crispy as fresh potato chips from a bag – they have a delightful crunch.I scooped some of them onto the last two sliders.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this method of eating them!You’re my hero!