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gadget post – sausage stuffer

This is a severe case of one damn thing after another.  I bought the smoker the other day and that led straight to this:This thing is a sausage stuffer, or more properly, a casing stuffer.  I’m going to start out with pre-ground pork and beef before I deploy the grinder I bought along with it.  The grinder is still in the box.  The first sausages I attempted are garlic/pepper sausages from this recipe.  I only had 4 lbs. of ground pork so I adjusted the amounts for that much rather than the 5 lbs. in the recipe.  I did use extra garlic and pepper because…garlic and pepper!  We sampled a small bit that was left over from the stuffing and agreed that it was pretty good, although just a tad too salty.  I may have flubbed the conversion and used all the recipe called for for 5 lbs. instead of the 4 I had, but no matter, it’s still well within edible range and will be perfect for pizza topping or as an ingredient in a tomato sauce for pasta.  The recipe came from these fine folks who have lots of links to tutorials, forums, supplies and plenty more recipes.  I expect to have more sausage making fun in the near future.

We used natural casings this time.  They came dried and salted and need to be soaked before they are ready, and fitting them to the stuffing tube is a bit fiddly.  I’ve ordered some that are already on a tube and are said to be easier to deal with but I can’t say anything about them yet.Mrs J will return from town with some hot dog buns so we will get a chance to see how these things are straight up on a sandwich.

I also have another batch of sausage in the smoker right now, made with ground beef.  The recipe is adapted from this one.  I used the stuffing machine to fill natural casings with the beef mixture.  I have no idea how these will work out – stay tuned!