Daily Archives: September 19, 2012

A Little Hint

Guess where we’re headed for tomorrow’s recipe exchange….


Back to Basics: How to Chiffonade

This is one of my favorite things to do to make a pretty dish. Easy and quick. I thought this video explained it well, if not a bit dryly. You can do it with any leafy herb or vegetable.

Last of the peppers

All the pepper plants were looking a bit puny so I gathered everything in today. I used a few on a chili cheese dog I made for lunch:Mmm… tasty!  I used the Italian sausage I made the other day.  I’m not a huge fan of the paprika and cayenne so I left those out, and added more red pepper flakes and garlic.  Next batch will get even more garlic.  I am well pleased with the peppers I pickled a while back so I did the same to the rest of the haul today:I had several of those red and green bell peppers that were pretty small so I thought I would just do them in the same brine.  I poke holes in the peppers so the brine can seep into them and so I need to top the brine off for a day or so.  These will go downstairs in our refrigerator there.  They’ll be ready to eat in a few weeks but they will be in there a while longer than that – I am working on the prior batches still.And, just because I can, here’s a puppeh!  Mrs J says it is a wiener dog mix.  She said the shelter has some pit bull x Brittany pups in.  I hope she gets some pics!

Breakfast pr0n

I ground up two fair sized Boston butts the other day and used some of the ground meat to make this breakfast sausage.  I followed the recipe fairly closely but did substitute coarse ground  black pepper and added a fair dose of granulated garlic.  Delicious!That reminds me, I never followed up with a gadget post on the grinder itself.  I can’t say this one is any better or worse than alternatives but it got the job done.  I ran across several comments here and there on forums and device comment threads that the Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachments were no good so I shied away from those.