Mmm… caramel

I’ve seen this method of caramel making in various recipes on line for ages and never bothered to try it until last night.  We visited a new Mexican market that opened nearby wanting to see what they had on offer.  We were disappointed in that they were just barely stocked with an assortment of canned goods and had no cheeses or meats aside from a few items that didn’t look very good.  I grabbed two cans of sweetened condensed milk so as not to leave empty handed.  (The Kroger labeled can in the pic is just a prop, I took the labels off the other cans before I boiled them.)This stuff is worth the minor effort.  You can dip the caramel out with a spoon, or you can cut the ends off a chilled can and push it out like I did for the photo above.  I boiled these for 3 or 4 hours – I understand that the color darkens and the caramel stiffens more with longer cooking.  I bet this will go great on apple slices.

7 thoughts on “Mmm… caramel

  1. Tastes great! Easy peasy… if Mrs J had an apple I would so make a caramel apple. I have no idea how thick it is at room temp but it scooped fairly easily with a spoon when we tasted it after opening one end.


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