Fall Cycling and Caramel Update

As you can see from the photo, fall is here. I’m not sure how that happened. August felt 2 months long and September is just flying by before my eyes. I have a mix of apples and watermelon that needs to be consumed before too long, which feels like an odd juxtaposition.

Today was spent outside, cycling, enjoying the weather and then it was back inside to do a bunch of cooking.

JeffreyW posted a fun caramel recipe yesterday and I had to try it. I watched this video and felt like I could handle it. My fear was, at this altitude, there would be an issue with the technique. I was right to be concerned. After 4 hours, it was still on the pale side with a weak taste. But no problem, I finished it off in a saucepan with a touch of vanilla and salt. An extra five minutes.

I roasted another chicken, but this time I had some lemon and lime zest leftover, so I added it to the spice packet. Nice addition.

I made a batch of spinach tomato soup for lunches this week, which I’ll alternate with taco salads – I have homemade salsa (a recipe I’m going to repost later this evening)  hanging around because of the bounty of tomatoes friends bestowed on me. That with a bit of buttermilk dressing and some ground beef fried up with taco seasoning tossed with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cheese makes a terrific salad. I may get wild and cook up a bit of corn for garnish.

My real experiment today started yesterday. Working on a fall soup recipe for this Thursday’s soup themed recipe exchange. Still tweaking it, but it’s pretty good so far.  One more fall shot before I go…