Daily Archives: September 28, 2012

Friday Night Dinner Music: Landslide

I was too young to appreciate this song when it first came out:

As an added piece of trivia, I’ve been to Stevie Nick’s beautiful ranch home in the late 80’s.


Fingerling Potatoes

Mrs J spotted these fingerling potatoes at that new produce store we “discovered” last week.  We hit them on a week day and there wasn’t quite the array of veggies as they had displayed the last time we were in there, on the weekend, but they still had a better selection than any of the local supermarkets.  Green beans and smocked hocks are a staple around these parts, we both grew up eating these and I don’t want to hear that the beans are over cooked.  Nonsense.  The last snap I want to hear from these beans is the sound they make when I break them into pieces for the pot.

Moar Kitteh

Not too much going on today, I have some green beans simmering.  Here’s Bitsy for you.