Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

Moonlight and Dragonflies

Posting will be light this week as I prepare to go out of town again. Trying to fit 6 days of work into 3. Had a great ride today. A few pics as I play some more with my camera. Hoping to have some good beach shots for you by next week.

Click on any photo to embiggen. First up, the harvest moon, which I thought turned out ok for a point and shoot camera:

Playing with the macro and telephoto. Not bad:

And finally, they put 4 more of these signs on the hiking/biking trail. I haven’t heard of any incidents, but I guess with the drought and warm weather they’re expecting company:

I can’t remember if I told the story here or just on Facebook, but I was sitting on a bench drinking water when I overheard two men, walking toward me, one said, “See that bench over there, where that woman is sitting, that’s where I saw the mountain lion.” Yup, that was the bench I was sitting on and he was pointing at me.



These are the chorizo links I stuffed last week.  Any sausage link will make a decent sandwich.  I tried to keep to the general Tex-Mex theme with the minced jalapenos and the hot sauce.  I had an avocado that I really needed to use.  The habanero is pretty but it played no part other than prop for this photo.I dug out another pair of boneless ribeyes to go with the shrimp Kroger had on special this week.  The steak fries got the now standard twice fried treatment.This evening we had pasta.  The sauce was made from tomatoes a neighbor gifted us yesterday.  She flagged me down as I rode the mower past their fence and sent me along with a dozen big tomatoes and a couple of big sweet onions.  We juiced the tomatoes first thing this morning and the juice has been cooking all day.  It has fresh oregano and thyme and plenty of garlic.  The Italian sausages are from a batch we made during the last sausage making spree.I added extra fennel to the recipe, and more garlic.  Hard to get too much garlic in a sausage recipe.  I browned the links in olive oil and then simmered them in the tomato sauce.My habanero bush is still going strong!  I picked two pints of those hot rascals from it today.  I have them soaking in vinegar with a little bit of salt in a small bottle.  I understand this habanero/vinegar combo will add an interesting flavor to all sorts of dishes.  I have no idea how hot it will turn out.  I have seen similar treatments using other peppers and haven’t been too impressed.Mrs J heads back to check the feeder and camera at the back pond.  She has a posse.  I call her Mizz Doolittle for the duration of these jaunts.

Moar Homer

Spent a few minutes out on the patio playing with the Lytro camera.  It’s a little bit different composing photos while trying to use its full capabilities.  The job isn’t made easier by the tiny LCD screen.  I missed what would have been a cute photo of Toby because the frame cut him in two, vertically.  I don’t use it often enough to be very familiar with it but I’m improving little by little.

This one works fairly well, click on Homer and his face comes into good focus, click on Toby and he sharpens quite a bit.