Shelter Puppy Update

Just about a month ago Mrs J dropped by the shelter for an off day visit, with me in tow, and we got to see these brand new puppies:They are all Maltese, pure bred as far as we know, from a pregnant dog that came to the shelter in a batch from an old woman who could no longer keep her breeding operation going due to age and infirmity. A month on and they are looking much better.  All of these pups have been spoken for.  I knew they would go fast.Bonus kitteh!  Mrs J mentioned that the tattooed fellow in the background is a retired 20 year military veteran, wounded in Iraq.  He is a graduate of a vet tech school, went on the GI Bill, and is now on staff at the shelter.  All the girls love him.  Except for Mrs J she says, hurriedly, with a slight giggle.