Ox Tails

Saw a few ox tails at the store the other day and grabbed them.  I was all “oh boy!  big ‘uns!” but I find that they were not all that.  These were oven braised in a red wine reduction and beef broth over a bed of root veggies, same as the last time we did this.  Alas, the meat to bone and fat ratio was low in these larger cross sections and took some doing to tease the edible portions out.  The gravy was very good, though.  We separately roasted the same sorts of veggies to go with the tails, discarding the pieces that the meat cooked upon.The cloverleaf rolls saved the meal from being ho-hum.  These are the now standard pillow soft recipe rolls.  Yum!

4 thoughts on “Ox Tails

    • I see them now and again but one can never be assured of finding them. They are, unaccountably, fairly expensive. I suppose it’s a supply/demand thing. At the same store chicken wings are more expensive than chicken thighs. I wish now that I had bought the wings.


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