Mmm… cheesecake

We (and by “we” I mean Mrs J!) made a cheesecake last night using a spring form pan we’ve had for a long time but haven’t used till now.  Mrs J said she saw a link to the recipe on her Facebook thing and was determined to try it out.  The Google found the recipe in that link when I entered “ultimate turtle cheesecake” and it would appear to be pretty much what Mrs J used.  She did use the caramel I made from the can of sweetened milk I posted about here.Very artistic in a Jackson Pollock kind of way!  Because it was late when the cake had cooled some but not all the way the slices we sampled were a bit wobbly still and not something I wanted to photograph.  Tasty!  I stuck the remainder in the freezer overnight and trimmed it a bit this morning for a formal portrait.You can see the caramel layer on top of the Oreo crust, the brown lumps are pecan pieces.