Mmm… beef braised in red wine

I enjoyed the gravy from the braised oxtails we had the other day so much that tonight’s beef was cooked in the same manner.  I browned the meat in the Dutch oven and then laid it across the roughly chopped veggies.  Today I have carrots, leeks, turnips, and celery for the bed.A few sprigs of fresh thyme, bay leaves, and a generous grind of black pepper and a sprinkle of kosher salt and it is ready for the wine reduction I had going on the other burner.  Boil a bottle of red wine in a sauce pan until it is reduced by half and pour it over the meat, adding beef broth to just cover.  Put on the lid and cook in a 350 oven for a couple of hours.  Strain out and discard the solids and further reduce the gravy on the stovetop while your potatoes are boiling and the carrots and sprouts are roasting.I added two cloves of finely minced garlic to the cooked potatoes and then mashed them with butter and sour cream.  Toss a couple of those nice cloverleaf rolls that you have leftover onto the oven rack while it’s still hot and pretty soon you will have a pretty dinner to call the clan to.A nice rare beef roast has a lot to recommend it but I’ll take one of these fork tender pot roasts any day.