Cream of potato soup with cheese and smoked ham

This soup is very easy to make, just boil ham hocks in chicken stock until they are falling off the bone, remove them to cool.  Add diced potatoes to the hot stock and simmer until they are soft.  Make a roux in a separate pot and add heavy cream and stir until the sauce thickens, stir in cheese, add the cheese sauce to the potatoes and add the cut up ham back to the pot.  Cured hocks are salty so watch adding too much salt when seasoning.  Just about any cheese will work so long as it melts well in the cream sauce.  We used the rest of the cheese we had left over from the pasta dish last night, and added a little cheddar, too.  This is my new favorite soup.  LOL

3 thoughts on “Cream of potato soup with cheese and smoked ham

  1. I’ve been making a broth based potato soup with jalapeno sausage that I just can’t get enough of. I suppose I should take photos and write down the recipe…not like a have food blog or anything. This looks delish.


      • I was at King Soopers (Krogers to you) and was about to pick up some of their brand of spicy Italian sausage when right next to it was jalapeno sausage. It sounded good and seemed a good fit with the soup I had in mind. And it has not disappointed, just the right amount of spicy with a good jalapeno flavor, nice balance with the potatoes.


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