Puppies!  The shelter hosts an open house this weekend.  I’m sure to go over there and take some pictures.  Meanwhile, here’s a pair of kittehs:They are chilling in the cat house.  No, not that kind!  Mrs J says St Francis is placing record numbers of pets with families. We browsed around in a Big Lots store the other day and ran across a rack of ready made pizza crusts for a dollar each.  I probably won’t bother to try to find them again.  This did give me a chance to use up the last of the cheese stuffing mixture that was left from the stuffed shells last week.  Mrs J put together her own pizza and we baked them together.  Her pizza was just a tad overdone:Mrs J refuses to pile on every available topping when she builds a pie.  It’s a woman thing.  This one has ham, pickled pepper rings, and a few different cheeses over a base of Awesome Sauce.  Moar puppeh!This is a PBGV pup.  I have no idea how it wound up here, Mrs J says they are an uncommon breed and sell for a pretty penny from a commercial breeder.  Here are a few more kitties for you:This is a frisky “dilute tortie” that Mrs J has taken a shine to.  She likes its assertive “I will take no guff from you” attitude.Just another pretty face.

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