Hot Wings


With more of the copycat slaw and some baked beans.  I had too much seasoned flour left over after dredging all the chicken and was loathe to just dump it.  I added a bit of cornstarch and enough water to make a thin-ish batter and dipped a few broccoli florets for deep frying.  It actually worked out better than I had hoped, we may make deep fried veggies a standard part of the hot wings menu.

Recipe for the wings? Moi?  

OK!  LOL!  Disjoint the wings, discard the tips (or save for stock), and pour buttermilk over them in a bowl, cover and refrigerate.  You can season the buttermilk with cayenne and paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper – or whatever sounds good to you.  I let these marinate for an hour then dredged them in seasoned flour and laid them out on a rack over a tray to rest a bit while the oil heated in my fryer.  Fry them in batches at 375 until they are golden, these took 7 minutes or so.  I kept the fried pieces in the oven at 200 to keep them warm while finishing the rest.

Mrs J hates my hot sauce so I serve these to her plain and she dips them in a sauce of her choice – usually Sweet Baby Ray’s.  I drizzle my pile of wings with hot sauce at the table.  Everybody is happy!