Carnitas Cheese Fries


These were awesome!  I did a little digging around to see what to call this dish.  There is nothing you can make to eat that teh Google hasn’t heard of.  LOL… within reason.  I’m not talking wheel rims with anthrax sauce and a side of barbed wire!  Anyway, I found this article that has some good info for those of us without a Tex-Mex cuisine upbringing.  (Caution, the site really really wants you to join their circle in Google+, not that there is anything wrong with that.)  Anyway, carnitas is braised pork, carne asada is beef.

I made the pico de gallo, but the guac was bought ready made.  I picked up some avocados but was too lazy to make my own.  I used my apple smoked pork on top of deep fried frozen shoestrings and sprinkled on a cheese mix of shredded cheddar and jack cheeses.

5 thoughts on “Carnitas Cheese Fries

    • Yeah, it was great. Mrs J and I were kicking around ideas for dinner and she mentioned the pork and having fries on the side. I did a search for “pork + fries” and found some images that sure looked like something we could get behind. I modeled this dish on one of the images we turned up. It would appear that carnitas fries are a fast food and food truck item common in certain areas, with the pico and the guac showing up in most of the photos. We will have this dish again!


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