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Unlikely Gadget Post

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A Little Fluff

From my ride:

I actually wait for this every year. I love milkweed, think their flowers are beautiful and love the time of year when the seed pods finally pop. I know it’s kinda geeky.

Breakfast pr0n


Definitely a Southwestern vibe going on with the salsa and the beans, not to mention the fresh chorizo sausage.  I’d call this huevos rancheros except for the tortillas being more of a side than a base.  I cut the flour tortilla into wedges and deep fried them before popping them into the toaster with a sprinkle of cheese.  I’m sitting here kicking myself because I have a couple of avocados I could have added to the mix but forgot about them until way too late.  A dollop of guacamole or a few slices would have added more interest and color.  I have a sad:(