Breakfast Pr0n


I made this yesterday and am getting around to posting it this morning.  I was trying to use up more of the black bean salsa I made a few days ago so I scrambled some in with a couple of eggs.  I peeled the casings from two links of the chorizo and fried that to add, and crumbled a bit of queso fresco to go with all of that.  Alas, that jalapeno sliced on top is going to be my last fresh pepper of the season.  Mrs J wanted me to gather the last of them so she could tidy up the container garden out front on the patio.  I grumbled a bit but she put her foot down.  I am drying the two dozen or so peppers in my smoker and will add some cherry wood chips to smoke them.  I hope to end with chipotle peppers that are recognizable as such and am hopeful – they are looking pretty good for that when checked this morning at 3 AM (grumbledaylightsavingstimegrumble).


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