Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Breakfast pr0n


I wanted to use my adobo sauce, the steak strips for this steak and eggs breakfast seemed the perfect spot.  It was very good, all that I had hoped.  I failed to make these eggs as pretty as I had wanted, I was fooling with the deep fryer and the “sunny side up” part got away from me.  I love these deep fried tortillas, nearly let this one go too long, too,  I had a bean and cheese burrito rolled and wrapped in paper in the fridge and was fiddling with it when I saw the tortilla turning crisp.  While the oil was hot I dropped in the burrito – a deep fried burrito is a chimichanga.I’m glad that, at least, nothing burned.  The breakfast wasn’t quite as pretty as it could have been if I had planned better – the parts and pieces of this came together in my mind as the eggs cooked.  I love cooking breakfast!


… and thanks for all the fish!

A neighbor took his kids fishing in my pond and cleaned a mess of panfish and bass to thank me.  No.. thank you!

I made a quick tartar sauce earlier, just mayo and pickle relish with horseradish and a shot of lemon juice.  I plopped a daub of the copycat recipe slaw atop that and added a little onion.  Mmm… good stuff.  The fries were from frozen.