Sauteed Kale


With ham and lima beans and cornbread.  The red things in the bottle behind the plate are habaneros I have in a shaker bottle with vinegar.  It is excellent as a table dressing for the kale.  This is the first time I have used dry lima beans but it won’t be the last.  Mrs J claims a long association with “butter beans”, as she calls them.  No way is the recipe difficult – soak over night then drain and rinse and cover again with water in a big pot and set them to simmering for a few hours with ham hocks or whatever flavoring you prefer.

The kale is just as easy, strip and discard the thick stalks from the leaves and chop the leaves coarsely.  Heat oil (or bacon fat) in a large pan and mince a few cloves of garlic, toss them in for a minute to become fragrant before you add all the leaves.  Pour in a half cup of water or stock and cover over high heat for a few (5) minutes, then uncover and continue cooking until the excess water is gone.  At the end add a few tablespoons of vinegar, your choice.  Red wine or apple cider vinegar will work, sweetened rice wine vinegar is a good call.

Serve with cornbread.  Enjoy!