Sweet potato pumpkin pie


Mrs J was set on making pumpkin pies and ran across this recipe that added sweet potatoes and toasted, sugared pecans.  It turned out very well, I think.We will have some tonight and more tomorrow with the big dinner.  I’ve been making a few moves towards that end, chopping veggies for the dressings and browsing for inspiration.  Mostly just browsing and biding my time, I think I have everything I need for the rather scant menu I have planned.  More later!

7 thoughts on “Sweet potato pumpkin pie

  1. Beautiful, as is your usual way with food. I am baking a large apple pie and have aleady finished the pumpkin pie, and wish I had seen this earlier because it would get me out of baking a pecan pie… I wonder if i could just glaze some pecans and decorate the top of the pumpkin pie, which has a gluten-free gingersnap crust.


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