Gadget Post: Rice Cookers

DSC_4601 [1600x1200]I mentioned using my rice cooker for the Spanish rice in my last post and I got to wondering whether I had done one of these gadget posts on it.  I did a quick search of the site and turned up several more mentions but nothing on the cooker itself.  We went with a fairly small cooker because the two of us don’t need huge piles of rice and this 3 cup version looked like it would do.  I’m no expert but this is a fine machine, well built, and works great.  Amazon put a note on the page mentioning that I had bought this one in August of 2010.  The only complaint I have about this unit is a real niggle:  The cord is heavy and stiff and just won’t lay where I want it to.  I’m guessing that the Japanese version of our Underwriter’s Lab is very fussy about wire gauges on cords for counter top appliances.


3 thoughts on “Gadget Post: Rice Cookers

  1. I love that I no longer have to use our electric rice cooker now that I have the one from Tupperware. I make perfect rice every time and clean up is so much easier as everything can go in the dishwasher.


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