Gadget Post: Rice Cookers

DSC_4601 [1600x1200]I mentioned using my rice cooker for the Spanish rice in my last post and I got to wondering whether I had done one of these gadget posts on it.  I did a quick search of the site and turned up several more mentions but nothing on the cooker itself.  We went with a fairly small cooker because the two of us don’t need huge piles of rice and this 3 cup version looked like it would do.  I’m no expert but this is a fine machine, well built, and works great.  Amazon put a note on the page mentioning that I had bought this one in August of 2010.  The only complaint I have about this unit is a real niggle:  The cord is heavy and stiff and just won’t lay where I want it to.  I’m guessing that the Japanese version of our Underwriter’s Lab is very fussy about wire gauges on cords for counter top appliances.DSC_4602 [1600x1200]Here I’m making 1/2 cup of rice, just about the least that it is configured for.  The white lines are for water levels, the rice is measured with their provided cup.  Note that their cup measure is just a tad shy of the US standard cup, so if you lose theirs you need to keep that in mind.  (When making rice from a box mix I use the box directions for liquid amounts.)DSC_4603 [1600x1200]

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  1. I love that I no longer have to use our electric rice cooker now that I have the one from Tupperware. I make perfect rice every time and clean up is so much easier as everything can go in the dishwasher.


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