Gadget Post: Kitchen Scales

I just got this in yesterday after gifting it to myself for my birthday.  It’s battery powered, unlike the clunker I’ve been using till now.  At least should have been using more than I have.  It was a PITA to set up and store away.  This one is a snap to use, I may just keep it atop the fridge, back out of the way.

It does everything I need it to do, has the tare feature to subtract the container weight, and reads in either lbs. and ozs., or grams.  This model will accommodate up to 17 lbs, including the container weight.DSC_4605 [1600x1200]Here it is with 1 ounce of red beans.  The units are changed with just a touch on the appropriate spot, the “button” on the right is the power button, and doubles as the tare button.  Put an empty container on the scale, touch the tare button and that weight is zeroed out.


One thought on “Gadget Post: Kitchen Scales

  1. Ooo, aaah. I love that. I’ve always said that if I was to get serious about baking breads and cakes I would get a fancy scale and weigh my dry ingredients rather than use a measuring cup. Tres European.


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