Mexican Lasagna

I thawed some ground beef the other day and surfed around for a recipe that was new to me, I didn’t want the usual hamburgers or chili or whatever.  This recipe for “Mexican Lasagna” caught my eye.  I scrolled through the ingredient list and had most of it, enough to make it work.  I had a can of mushroom soup but no cream of celery, and I had enough leftover enchilada sauce from the last Tex-Mex dinner we had to add to the soup for the sauce.  I thought that the beef would do and didn’t worry about the lack of pork sausage.  The rest of the recipe went pretty much as written.  The sauce from the mushroom soup and the enchilada sauce gave me pause but I went with it  anyway, the can was opened and I did need to use up the enchilada sauce.  I may go with a mole sauce from dried peppers the next batch.  Yes, there will be a next batch, this stuff was seriously good.  I didn’t skimp on the cheese.DSC_4651 [1600x1200]It was really smelling nice, fresh out of the oven like this, I wondered how long to let it sit, if you try to plate up Italian lasagna fresh from the oven the layers all slump together.  Tasty, sure, but not as pretty (read photogenic) as when it is allowed to rest for twenty minutes or more.  I gave it five minutes.DSC_4654 [1600x1200]The corn tortillas worked pretty well, I didn’t try to fry them first, they were just laid into the casserole straight from the package.  I may try to crisp them in oil the next time, or try some of the packaged tostadas I saw at the International grocery last time we were over there.  Those are like big round nacho chips.

Like traditional lasagna, this stuff was even better the next day.