More shrimp creole

DSC_4673 [1600x1200]This was so tasty prepared from box mixes that I decided to try a scratch build.  This recipe looked pretty good so I gave it a try, and was ready to make a batch of white rice when I noticed a bag of “Mexican” rice in the cupboard and made the dish with it – curious to see just what it was, bought it on a whim from the local grocery.  It turned out to be good tasting and pretty.  I had the black beans going already and was intending to freeze them in a couple of batches for later but they seemed like a good fit.This was my first go at dried black beans and they turned out very good.  I brought them to a boil and then killed the flame, covered the beans, and let them sit for an hour, then drained them and cooked them in enough chicken broth to cover, along with some garlic powder and a sprinkling of mild chili powder, just enough to add the flavor notes.  I have two bowls of the leftover beans in the freezer now, to be transferred to plastic freezer bags when they are solid.  The method works for pinto beans, too, and are a good substitute for canned beans.


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    • LOL, dunno about inspirational but they were delicious. I added some diced peppers to the recipe (frozen from the garden this summer) and used a can of tomato bits with green chilies along with a sad looking “fresh” tomato that was left from another project. Thanks for stopping by, Maya!


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