Moment of Zen: Pair of Hawks

Hawk 1

I tried to snap this guy a few days ago and he took great pleasure in taunting me. Just as I would get under this tree to snap him, he’d fly over to the tree just a ways down the path. When I got there, he flew back to this very same branch. I tried one more time and when he flew to the other tree again, I knew I was being played and continued on my walk. Today he was much more cooperative.  Let me snap this before flying off…to the other tree.

Hawk 2

This gal had no problems with photos at all. She was being harassed by a kestrel with no fear, dive-bombing her over and over. This regal bird barely flinched at the attack. As soon as I stopped to take the picture the kestrel flew away, but watched closely from a pole close by.

Just a note: To see hawks full size, click on the photo.