Black Bean Casserole

DSC_4920 [1600x1200]I thawed a boneless, stuffed chicken and dithered around looking for a side when I noticed  a few cups of black beans I had frozen.  I added some yellow corn and a handful of chopped sweet peppers to the thawed beans and topped those with shredded cheeses and popped the dish into the oven with the chicken as it finished cooking.  It seemed to work pretty well.  The chicken came in a roasting bag but that just didn’t work out – the skin burnt and stuck to the bag.  I destroyed the chicken trying to get it out.  It did still taste good.  This chicken was stuffed with a crayfish rice mixture, I cooked some additional yellow rice to go with it.DSC_4924 [1600x1200]That’s my favorite hot sauce on the chicken.  It just felt right putting it on there.

2 thoughts on “Black Bean Casserole

    • Teresa –
      Thanks! It was pretty good, nothing really special. One of those boneless chickens that I ordered from the Cajun Grocer down in Louisiana.


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