Roasted Duck

DSC_4946 [1600x1200]I had already started the duck in a 375 oven when the thought to look for sides struck me.  I wandered into this post and looked at the recipe for “gastrique” sauce and saw the honey roasted veggies and thought that they were something I could pull off.  I used what veggies I had on hand for the honey roasted side – parsnips and carrots.  I had no idea what a gastrique was.  Studying up after the fact shows such sauces to be made from fruits, usually.  Tons of recipes out there for those. If I do this again I will be more patient.  The sauce should have reduced more, and the honey roasted veggies needed more color.  The parsnips look like boiled French fries.  It all tasted pretty good but my technique really sucked.