DSC_4955 [1600x1200]Made some chili with some of the latest chorizo, plus a little ground beef.  I started out with pinto beans and chunks of cured ham and kept adding chili paste until I decided to take the ham out and thaw the sausage since it was becoming more chili than hambeans.IMG_0823 [1600x1200]I’m not sure what Mrs J was intending and I am sure Annie had the same thought.  She’s feeling better, now.  Buddy and Homer were having a little nap.  Buddy woke, probably fearing the return of the mad hatter.IMG_0543 [1600x1200]Alas, I have to report that Katie, the dog that Mrs J brought in for a home visit, has escaped and is loose.  Fortunately she is staying close.  We put out food that she will come to the patio to eat, and Mrs J has placed a doggie bed in the garage that she has been sleeping on.  She just will not let us approach.IMG_0888 [1600x1200]She ran out the door Monday morning as I was holding it open for Mrs J to enter after a trip to town.  Sigh.  We bought a live trap, hoping to lure her in with some tasty food.  She proved to be smarter than Buddy.DSC_3304 [1600x1200]Or Jack.IMG_0891 [1600x1200]

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  1. I expect to eventually catch Kate with one ruse or another. We may wear her down. I’m pretty sure I could catch those other two in the trap every day from now until the day we run out of bait.


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