National Homemade Potato Soup Day

DSC_5040 [1600x1200]This one has ham, pepper jack cheese, heavy cream, and a garnish of that Tex-Mex chipotle seasoning.  Oh, and a couple of those really cute baby carrots.  I usually start these soups by boiling the ham in chicken broth with a diced onion.  When the onion looks nearly transparent I fish out the ham and dump in diced potatoes.  When the potatoes soften give them a whirl with a stick blender or just mash around on them with a potato masher until the texture suits you.  Add back the ham, the carrots are tiny so they go in late.  Just before you are ready to serve it add the cheese and stir until it melts, add a half cup of heavy cream last and stir, then serve it up.  Mmm… soup’s on!


Moar Katie

DSC_3331 [1600x1200]I seem to be making slow progress with assuring Kate that I have her best interests at heart.  She still runs away when I open the door but she doesn’t go as far.  She has been eating better than the rest of the pack, we try to make the menu as tasty as possible.  The battery in the collar for the GPS locator has long since died.  We have no idea where she spends the nights – she no longer uses our garage.