Moar Katie

DSC_3331 [1600x1200]I seem to be making slow progress with assuring Kate that I have her best interests at heart.  She still runs away when I open the door but she doesn’t go as far.  She has been eating better than the rest of the pack, we try to make the menu as tasty as possible.  The battery in the collar for the GPS locator has long since died.  We have no idea where she spends the nights – she no longer uses our garage.

4 thoughts on “Moar Katie

  1. Kate is beautiful. One suggestion, if you don’t mind, sit down on the floor and have a treat in your hand. With the treat on your open hand, allow her to approach you and get it from you. Do not talk, nor look or touch her. Do these for a couple of days and watch how she behaves. Most dogs start feeling comfortable after a couple of times that you do this.


  2. Slow and steady it is. She’s not yet ready for such adventure, alas. Perhaps when she is comfortable with me being outside while she approaches the food bowl. Too cold these last few days for me to sit out there long enough for her hunger to overcome her fears.


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