Daily Archives: February 7, 2013


IMG_1003 [1600x1200]A shelter volunteer cuddles a Shih Tzu that came in recently.  She was an owner surrender, the City told her that she had too many dogs.  I don’t have any other details.  Mrs J says Jenny is so sweet and is the perfect lap dog.  She just loves to snuggle.IMG_1008Mrs J says that they are really placing a lot of kittens, this one is the only one they have at the moment that is ready to go.  Hint hint.DSC_5046 [1600x1200]We’ve fallen in love with butterbeans and kale.  I added a few veggies to the beans this time – diced carrots and celery along with the usual onions.  I sauteed them in oil before dropping them into the chicken stock that had been simmering with the chunks of cured ham.  The cornbread has green onions, minced jalapenos, and a handful of shredded cheddar.  The habanero infused vinegar is great on the kale.dsc_3775-copy [1600x1200]Katie is still on the loose.  She is stubborn and smart – we are settling in for a long wait to gain her trust.  Baby steps.DSC_3333 [1600x1200]