Road Trip!

P1000185 [1600x1200]We ran out of their cured ham chunks that work so well in various soups so we organized a trip north to replenish.  It was a pleasant drive with good weather and not much traffic.  Not an arduous trek by any means, three hours there and back.

They have a regular deli counter with cheeses and racks of chops and steaks much like you will see anywhere.  They do a huge business in bacon, they cure their own.  It’s for sale by the slab and half slab, sliced to order.  Good stuff!DSC_5074 [1600x1200]I brought back a rack of spare ribs and cooked them with a dry rub and a finish of BBQ sauce.  The onion rings were from their freezer section.  Not bad!  They have a fair selection of specialty frozen items but the rings were all we came home with today.  None of the local markets butcher meat these days, and I was stymied looking for beef fat to use in making my sausage.  I came home with a 15 pound chunk of high quality fat to mix in with the pork shoulders that I buy locally.  They are very lean these days with nearly all of the fat trimmed off.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Now that’s a road trip! My dad was a butcher and he processed our own meat for us and neighbors—nothing wasted. I wish I had his sausage recipe.


  2. Everything is becoming so centralized, for efficiency I suppose. When I was just a lad I remember several little “corner” stores within walking distance of our house. My dad always went to Charlie’s Market because the meat there was the best. Gas stations sold only gas and they pumped it for you. There was usually a mechanic. Excuse me, I need to go chase some kids…


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