Daily Archives: February 14, 2013

Pot Licker

DSC_3339 [1600x1200]I made some sloppy joes for dinner, and fried some tater “rounds” which are like tots only not trademarked.  There was plenty of flavor left in the skillet so I trotted it out to Katie who was hanging about looking hungry.  She needs some practice – there was plenty of flavor left for Annie to browse when the pan came back inside.DSC_3342 [1600x1200]We saw Katie playing with a stick yesterday so Mrs J took out a teddy bear and left it to see if she would enjoy playing with it.  It appears she appreciates the gesture.  I am getting closer and closer to her before she spooks and turns tail.  I have plenty of time.


Breakfast Pr0n

DSC_5081 [1600x1200]I was feeling a little peckish this morning so I dug out some of my garlic pepper breakfast sausage.  I’m starting to run a bit low on that so I may be making another batch before too long.