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Mmm… food pr0n – chimichangas!

DSC_5091 [1600x1200]We are breaking in a new deep fryer and these chimichangas seemed a good choice for the initial trial.  These have refried black beans, chorizo sausage, and shredded cheese all wrapped in flour tortillas.  I topped this pair with sour cream and tomato salsa as they lay on shredded cabbage.  I think the cabbage may have been an albino because it was white as the platter.  Cilantro and chopped lettuce add some green to the palette.DSC_5094 [1600x1200]These two are the same inside as the first pair, only the plating is different.  I was going for a bed of lettuce and changed my mind so as to incorporate the queso made with processed cheese and a can of tomato bits with green chilies.  These have the sour cream but the sauce is a commercial brand of chipotle flavored enchilada sauce.  It seemed a waste to not use the chopped lettuce so it gets a corner.


Serious About Pizza: The Pizza Steel

Photo from Serious Eats

Photo from Serious Eats

I had no idea when I decided to dedicate a post to pizza, I’d learn so much about how serious people are about their home-baked pies. I used to have a pizza stone until it cracked. I never replaced it because I really don’t do a lot of pizza.  But for those who love their pizza, a pizza stone would be a necessity.

That was until commenter Joel  pointed us to the Pizza Steel. Head and shoulders above a pizza stone and bonus, it won’t crack. Here is what Serious Eats had to say about it:

The Pizza Lab: The Baking Steel Delivers


[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

I came out with the early word on the Baking Steel, a product which at the time was in Kickstarter mode trying to raise enough money for their first run. Thanks to crazy pizza heads like you, they managed to blow past their initial investment requirements by several thousand dollars. By all accounts, founder Andris Lagsdin is in over his head trying to keep up with demand on that first run. This is good news for him, and even better news for home piemakers, because I’ve got to tell you: This is the most impressive home pizza product I’ve ever tested.

I’ve been making the finest indoor-oven pies I’ve ever made in the last few weeks. Better than what I can get with my inch-thick stone. More consistent than what I get from my skillet-broiler method (my previous go-to). And of course, easier than setting up the also-awesomeKettlePizza insert on my outdoor grill.

By all accounts, this is the answer I’ve been waiting for to produce consistently awesome pizza over and over, straight out of the box.

Let me share some details with you: (read the whole article here, along with great details on different pies)

This may be in my future, but I’m not sure I do enough pizza to justify the space in my kitchen. Although, with my baking stone, I left it in the oven when I was baking, and it seemed to even out the heat for cookies, cakes and whatnot. So I’ll think about. But I do know someone who makes a lot of pizza. Who could that be? He may find this an interesting addition to his gadgets.  😀

Chicken Enchiladas

DSC_5083 [1600x1200]These were a slap dash affair:  I fried a couple of boneless chicken thighs in olive oil after beating them flat with a meat hammer.  I sliced the chicken and rolled the pieces into corn tortillas along with Monterey jack cheese.  Those went into a small casserole with green salsa from a jar, a can of green chilies, and a few slices of hot pepper cheese, with additional shredded Monterey jack on top.  It made a hot delicious mess of enchiladas.DSC_5088 [1600x1200]We had some diced avocado and some fresh pico for sides.  There are leftovers, so I’m thinking a reprise this afternoon, only in red salsas and yellow cheese.

Just a pretty picture

DSC_9945I miss the hummingbirds.IMG_1099 [1600x1200]Bonus pic!  Here’s Li’l Blue Eyes with a sibling, competing in the Kitteh Bowl.