Specialty Flour: Prairie Gold


On a whim, I bought a specialty flour. It’s called Prairie Gold, it’s a white, whole wheat flour – the wheat itself if golden, not the darker brown of traditional wheat, so it’s buttery colored instead of the deeper brown.

It’s organic, grown in high altitude and has a high protein content. I was not expecting it to make any noticeable difference, but it did offer a way to make fluffier whole wheat baked goods, so I was on board. It didn’t hurt that is wasn’t that much more expensive than my plain old unbleached flour.

Was I in for a surprise. The biscuits I made were practically creamy. It’s hard to explain the texture, but it was light for whole wheat, creamy and still fluffy – not like white Pillsbury biscuit fluffy, but darn good. The flavor is slightly nutty and it gave the biscuits a richer flavor.

I’ll be using this a lot more.


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