Pizza Night

DSC_5268 [1600x1200]Mrs J likes ham and banana pepper rings on her pies.  It’s a decent pie.DSC_5271 [1600x1200]I made the classic:  Sausage, onion, and mushroom.  I made a batch of Italian sausage from a new recipe this morning.  I think it turned out great, much better than the last recipe I used.  I stayed close to the recipe although I did add extra fennel and garlic, and splashed in a few tablespoons (per/lb) of red wine vinegar.  I like that the recipe is for one pound of ground pork – it scales easily to whatever amount of pork you have.  I used a pork shoulder that yielded 7-1/4 pounds of ground meat.  I did add some extra fat that I picked up for just this purpose.  I’m finding that the shoulders are too closely trimmed these days.

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