DSC_5368 [1600x1200]We eat pretty often at a Chinese buffet in a nearby town and the last few times in there I’ve taken a little of what I decided had to be kimchi.  The last time over I went back for seconds.  This morning we went to the produce market we like that is just down the road from that Asian grocery and when I saw the Napa cabbages I remembered the Youtube I had watched a few weeks ago wherein a nice Korean lady was kind enough to show us how to do her easy recipe kimchi.  We found the rest of the ingredients easily enough and I made a big batch today.  This is the chopped cabbage, salted down and resting in a nice big plastic tub that proved very useful.  This is two big heads, each weighing 5 pounds or so.  The instructions say to turn the cabbage over every half hour for an hour and a half.  I julienned several carrots and one of those big daikon radishes, chopped several green onions and added the veggies with 1-1/2 cups of crushed red peppers to the rice flour porridge, garlic, ginger root, fish sauce,  and onion mixture that was prepared in a food processor.  The recipe called for leeks but I forgot those. It also mentioned squid, I remembered that but decided to opt out.  The cup and a half of red pepper wasn’t too much for Mrs J but it was verging on it.DSC_5367 [1600x1200]We sampled it freshly made and it was good.  I’ll keep most of it in the fridge rather than let it ferment more quickly at room temperature.  I will keep out a little bit just to see how fast it matures.