Raspberry Drops

This video started my morning and I had to share:

So pretty. I have no idea how to find liquid nitrogen.  Because I am not a super-villain.  🙂

EDIT:  if you’re getting the really annoying ad in the corner, expand to full size and it goes away.


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Drops

  1. I’d try it with dry ice which is easier to get and can be dealt with a little easier than liquid nitrogen. I suspect the fruit would get cold enough that way.

    Puregas in Broomfield and Praxair in Loveland both carry liquid nitrogen if you insist – tell them it’s for cooking, There are a lot of safety rules – if you’re going to play this way, get a good set of instructions from your vender.

    Once you use it there are some nifty things you can do. See for example the crushery’s ice cream offerings in Denver. (Come to think of it, they may be willing to just freeze and break the berries for you for a fee.) http://www.thecrushery.com/liquid-nitrogen-icecream.php


    • Thanks for the info, but….

      Dear god, I would probably lose a finger if I tried cooking with liquid nitrogen. I’m a bit of klutz. Maybe I’ll forward this to Steve Spangler our resident science guy and he can do it. Now I want ice cream. 😀


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