Tacos and Enchiladas

DSC_5519 [1600x1200]These were fun and tasty.  I had a couple of fresh poblanos I wanted to use up so I roasted them atop the stove over a burner and scraped off the skins.  They went atop some chicken thighs that I sauteed in a little oil and became the filling for the tacos and the enchiladas.  Mrs J called from the grocery store and asked if I wanted her to pick anything up and I asked for tomatillos because they usually have a few.  I had just read over several recipes for making salsa verde and every one of them wanted roasted tomatillos.  She came back with several small, sad looking specimens but I went ahead and used them.  Cut them in half and roast them under a broiler, then spin them in a blender with lime juice, half an onion, salt, pepper, a smashed garlic clove, a pinch of sugar, and as much of a fresh jalapeno as you can slip by the Missus.  I used half of one, no seeds.  Most of the recipes want a handful of cilantro with that but we decline on account it tastes like soap.  But it’s pretty and makes a nice garnish, so there’s that.

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