Chilies Rellenos

DSC_5547 [1600x1200]I decided to take a whack at these today.  We brought home a couple of nice fresh poblanos that weren’t really slated for anything in particular but I was thinking a salsa verde.  The roasted tomatillo salsa was so good the other day that I wanted a replay and thought these poblanos might work in that.  I hemmed and hawed a bit and then looked up a rellenos recipe, having heard them mentioned a few days ago.DSC_5540 [1600x1200]I’m sure my pepper stuffing technique can be improved upon with a little practice.  These ended up with toothpicks holding them together.  I saw, too late, a tip at another site that one should remove the seeds and membranes while they are still raw to help prevent tearing after roasting.  I think I’ll buy more than two next time so I can cook up the best ones and save the ones I tear up for tacos or enchiladas.  The whipped egg whites folded into the beaten yolks was interesting and worked better than I would have supposed.

I went with the cheese and corn stuffing this time, I’m pretty sure there will be some additions the next round.  I used a few cilantro leaves in the tomato sauce having heard from a few others that the taste can grow on you.  I managed to eat it all without any particular discomfort.  I went ahead and made more of the tomatillo salsa and added cilantro to that as well.