IMG_1457 [1600x1200]First off, here are some kittehs finding their way to breakfast.  These will be available for adoption once they are old enough.  Mrs J says 7 or 8 weeks but they are assessed individually.  The staff wants to see them eating solid (dry) food before they let them go.

Things are picking up here with spring fairly sprung.  I did some mowing the other day just to assure myself the winter layover hadn’t affected the mower’s performance.  All is well – I have the dealer do an annual servicing and the maintenance intervals line up quite well with the average hours I spend on it during the season.  We laid in a supply of potting soil and have a few of the plants on hand that will go into the patio garden.  More jalapenos and habaneros along with basil and other herbs.  Some curly parsley and the chives made it through the winter.DSC_5593 [1600x1200]A few burritos – these are bean and beef with Monterey jack and a slathering of hot sauce.  The garnishes are green onions and Napa cabbage.  I bought a head of the cabbage and nearly forgot I had it.  Casting about for a recipe I found one that mentioned using the larger leaves for cabbage rolls.DSC_5592 [1600x1200]I treated these as an experiment to see how the leaves would work.  I peeled off a few and nuked them for a minute or two in the microwave, covered, to cook them sufficiently that they would roll up without breaking.  That part worked well enough.  I had some beef and mushroom with rice to fill them with, and just opened a can of tomato bits to dump over them.  I cooked these for about 45 minutes in a 350 oven.  With a garnish of cheese they were pretty good but not the equal of regular cabbage in the same role.  The thick white parts will be useful in a stir fry, cutting them into smaller pieces and setting aside the thinner leafy parts.