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DSC_5639 [1600x1200]I just had to have a bigger slow cooker than the one we had.  It has given good service for more years than I wish to count but it just didn’t have room for a larger cut of meat plus the veggies and everything.  This one by Hamilton Beach had tons of reviews at Amazon and looked like a winner to me.DSC_5637 [1600x1200]You can set it for a certain cooking time or for a desired temperature (via a probe), or just “cook until I stop you” with two cooking temperatures – high or low, (plus a “warm” setting).  I managed to figure out the controls, without going to the instruction booklet, after a few starts and stops and much button poking.DSC_5638 [1600x1200]I’m not too sure how well the probe will work out.  I has to be inserted through the lid and into the meat and the exact placement and depth may not be ideal in real world cooking.  I have a remote thermometer that I think will thread through the hole but will only beep at me when temps are reached.  The included probe plugs into the heating circuit and will switch the pot to warm when it reaches set point.  (I think – still haven’t read the booklet.)DSC_5631 [1600x1200]This is the first run.  A fair sized beef roast with most of a bottle of red wine and some beef broth.  I coarsely chopped a large yellow onion and tossed that in with a few carrots and stalks of celery as aromatics with six or eight cloves of garlic.  Salt and pepper and the usual mix of dried herbs: Bay leaves, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, and oregano.  Two large whole potatoes went in there as well, the green beans were in another pan.  All the liquids were strained and reduced for gravy, adding to it some sauteed mushrooms.  I discarded the carrots and celery, using some of the onion and garlic for the beans along with a few pieces of ham.

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    • Thanks, Karen – I did finally read the booklet and the probe will switch the pot to “warm” when it senses the set point has been reached. I’m not sure how well I can place the probe but my worry may be misplaced.


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