Mmm… Sweet Pepper Popper Pr0n

DSC_5674 [1600x1200]I think I’ve finally got the cooking method down for these frozen poppers.  They want to be cooked at around 350 to be sure the cheese is soft when they are cooked from frozen.  If the oil is too hot they will burn before the cheese is right.  I didn’t time these, just went by color on the panko breading, but I’d guess they were in the oil 4 to 5 minutes.  The fries are more of those I cut with the new gadget, par fried, and then froze.  I did the wings just a tad differently this time, I have been rolling them in plain flour before frying – this time I used some Cajun style breading.  It says fish breading, and it works great for that, but it seems to work great on wings, too.  The wing sauce is just straight up Cholula.